Book One “The Whispered Promise”

Book One

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Francis and Willow met in third grade and became very good friends immediately. After college they saw an advertisement for the local Police Force seeking employees. They both decided to apply as a lark, and the rest is history.

The two heroines are employed by the English Police Force and the opportunity arises for the ladies to travel to America. Their assignment is to locate a Dr. Gaile Morton who lives in the Village of Porter Field in Porter County. Doctor Morton wants to start a detective business which is unusual work for a woman in the early 1950’s.

The two ladies travel on the ship The Royal Victorian Rose to reach America. While on board the ship they plan their cover as cleaning specialists. They create a motto: “We Clean Up More Than Just Dirt”. They also create their outfits for cleaning, and they figure out the process to use in cleaning a home.

After they arrive at Ellis Island, they enter America, and the two heroines are finally travelling to their destination.

The ladies soon connect with Dr. Gaile Morton. Francis and Willow observe various odd and unusual things happening at certain client’s homes. A dead body disappearing from a bath tub,sliding doors hidden in a wall, a water pitcher breaking apart in a closed room, and frankly, some of the clients are rather unique in appearance.

The ladies must keep “THE WHISPERED PROMISE” to their boss SGT Major Doyle FitzWilliams and the Police Force, as they solve the strange happenings in book one of THE CLEANING CHRONICLES.