Book Three “The Code is in the Cuckoo! Who’s Cuckoo?! Who’s Cuckoo?”

Book Three

In book three of THE CLEANING CHRONICLES “THE CODE IS IN THE CUCKOO! WHO’S CUCKOO?! WHO’S CUCKOO?”…we find the two heroines, and Dr. Gaile are all involved in solving a mystery with the assistance of the local village Police.

SGT Major Doyle FitzWilliams, Francis and Willow’s boss from the English Police Force also assists. ┬áIn fact FitzWilly moves to America and starts helping the local village Police on a regular basis during “THE CODE IS IN THE CUCKOO!”

The wild goose chase to solve who’s moving an amount of wealth from the village has all the sleuths second guessing just who is the scoundrel. They are all surprised to learn who the scoundrel really is…someone they would never suspect to be the suspect…ah, such is the mystery of life!

Follow all the twists and turns to learn who really is cuckoo in “THE CODE IS IN THE CUCKOO! WHO’S CUCKOO?! WHO’S CUCKOO?” Only you will know when you discover the answer…is anyone or is everyone really, a tad little bit, cuckoo?!